Thursday, 11 August 2011

Proactiv Miracle Acne Cure Or Scam?

The Proactiv Treatment Programme is a topical treatment commonly used in the United States for mild to moderate forms of acne. Though the treatment plan has gathered a large following in the United States, thank fully we Great Britain have yet to be dragged into what I call the Proactiv Scam.
Proactiv first appeared in 1995 and through its massive pharmaceutical backing and aggressive marketing began to attract attention from acne suffers of all ages, sexes and geographical locations. Although the Proactiv treatment plan can be used by acne sufferers of all ages, its use is more common among the early teens to mid twenties group.
Unfortunately when you're young, suffering from both acne combined with the naturally low self esteem associated with breakout then the well rehearsed Proactiv televisions adverts may initially appear as a God send.
With an almost unlimited budget these multinational pharmaceutical companies can literally pay any Hollywood A list star to promote their product. In fact Proactiv have featured the who's who of the celebrity world in their television commercials. Previous stars include Alyssa Milano, Jessica Simpson, Delta, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Mandy Moore, Sean Combs and most recently Katy Perry.
If you have ever had the pleasure of watching anyone of these celebs marketing Proactiv im sure you'll agree with me that honesty, believability and sincerity are not the first things that spring up in your mind.
Like a large number of modern miracle acne preparations Proactiv Solution contains the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. I have written extensively about benzoyl peroxide and how this absolutely, utterly useless preparation not only does nothing to improve your acne but can cause some serious side effects. Benzoyl peroxide has been known to cause dryness through its natural peeling effect on the epidermis.
The other components of this miracle treatment scam include a moisturising lotion, exfoliating cleanser and toner. Here in the United Kingdom you can purchase 2 months supply for £39.98 plus P&P.
Now surely you don't need a genius to figure out that you can pick up all these products simply by popping down to your local supermarket and plucking them off the shelves or over the counter. What you may not know is that you could probably pick non brand name products containing the identical Proactiv ingredients for less than half the price.
The Proactiv scam is pretty simple; get your A list celebs to pedal your poison convincingly to youngsters desperate for a cure and once you've got them to buy a single pack, statistically they are likely to return to buy again and again.
In simple terms this so called constant need to religiously follow the Proactiv skin care scam means that the pharmaceutical company keeps getting richer and you not only keeping getting poorer but worst still your acne is nowhere near being cured.
I would say that is quite a winning strategy for the fat cats at Proactiv and the expense of genuine acne sufferers. The truth of the matter is that treating acne starts with the understanding of the Acne Equation
Excess Oil + Bacteria = Acne
Now no product on earth be it topical anti bacterial lotions like Benzoyl Peroxide or even oral anti biotics will permanently clear up surface bacteria on the skin and it would not be in our interest to do so as some of these "good bacteria" actually help us fight of the "bad bacteria" thus reducing acne.
Of course it's important to maintain good skin hygiene to minimize the over growth of bacteria on the skin but this not the solution to acne treatment.
In that respect we need to look at the first part of the equation which is excess oil. Now the sebaceous glands on our skin produce oil to maintain the skins health and elasticity. Where things go wrong is when these glands start over producing oil causing skin pores to clog.
Once the pores are clogged up the bacteria on the skin surface move into feed on the dead skin cells and in no time you have the ideal atmosphere for bacteria to thrive and bring about acne.
I thus advise individual who suffer from moderate to severe acne to consider the use the oral preparation known as Isotretinoin. In the United Kingdom it's referred to as Roacctane or Accutane in America. Now you cannot Buy Accutane over the counter as it has some potentially serious side effects. However we must remember that Accutane has been safely used to treat over 13 million acne suffers worldwide for over 25 years. No other medication to date has efficacy date that comes anywhere near that of Accutane.
Now if you would like more information about Accutane treatment please visit us at the Accutane Clinic UK where you will be able to find a whole host of useful articles and information as well as a reliable and trust worthy source of medication.
I hope you all the best with your own acne treatment journey but would always urge you to read around, do your own research, talk to medical practitioners and always make an informed decision about the best course of treatment that is right for you.
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<a href="">Buy Accutane</a>